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Engraving and Etching


Laser engraving is most commonly used to engrave glass, timbers, plastic and steel.  Lasers can be used to engrave text, logos and photographs onto a variety of surfaces, at resolutions up to 1200dpi.  Laser engravers work by shooting a laser beam off mirrors to a focusing lens, which is moved back and forth across the engraving area, much like a common printer.  By controlling the laser's speed and power, various materials can be engraved and cut into shapes.





Professionally laser engraved plates for the trophies and medals being presented enhance the look and feel of the trophy and provide the recipient with a lifelong memory of what they achieved the award for.  Dont be fooled by those offering increadibly cheap prices, you are probably going to get stickers instead of engraved trophy & medal plates.  Stickers fade and disintergrate with time and look cheap.


Trophy Plate


Most glassware & crystal can be engraved and sandblasted to produce a result that will not be surpassed by any other method.  The clarity of the image produce is brilliant and will not wear off the award.  We are able to engrave / sandblast curved surfaces such as wine and beer glasses, salad bowls and the more traditional type of glass award as displayed here.




Most types of wood can be engraved with a laser to produce a dark image of the design you wish displayed.  This design work can also be colour filled to enhance the work further.

Shapes can also be cut out of wood up to about 5mm thick, (different types of wood can be engraved and cut to different depths).


Glass Award Engraving


Wooden Chopping Board


Acrylic can be laser engraved with text, logos and photographs.
Engraving is usually done in reverse on the back of the acrylic to be viewed
from the front.

Shapes can be cut out of acrylic up to about 10mm thick and using this technology, we can achieve a custom finish to awards to suit almost all requirements.

Acrylic Lasering


Steel can be laser engraved with text and logos.  A special coating is applied to
the steel, which when laser engraved produces a solid black mark in the metal.

 Stainless Steel Marking


There are not many surfaces we cannot engrave on using our computerised laser engraving capabilities.  We also have the traditional diamond drag, hand engraving and sandblasting technologies available in-house to satisfy every need.


Below is an indication of surfaces we can engrave but this is not an exhaustive list so if you cannot see your product listed here, please contact our office on 03 9705 7744 to discuss your requirements.


Plastic - Acrylic - Aluminium - Anodised Aluminium - Stainless Steel - Timber - Rubber - Ceramic - Coated Brass - Glass - Crystal - iPods - iPhones -  Mobile Phones - Laptops - Torches